Project Positive

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my blog and this page, I hope you are enjoying the read. I am asked all the time “How are you always so happy and positive?”

This has certainly not always been the case in my life, and on this page I want to share my journey with you . Exactly 12 months ago I commenced Project Positive and I hope to inspire something in you as well by bringing you along on my journey.

I am not a religious person however I am spiritual in my own unique way. I believe in the power of positive thought and like attracts like. I believe that what you put out into the world you get back and what you focus on most you attract. So I finally realised that when I focused on my fears I only ever seemed to manifest them into reality and yet when I focused on the things that I wanted in my life I attracted those too. With all of this in mind, I set myself a mission that I was no longer going to let my fears rule my life or decisions and that I would only focus on what I wanted.

So with my new attitude I set about what I like to call “Project Positive”

Every time I think of a negative fear based thought I automatically focus on the opposite of that fear and say a little chant to myself about the positive outcome I desire. This is also a kind of experiment. Can I actually get everything I want and need simply by focusing on them enough to bring them into my path? If I just trust wholeheartedly that everything is going to work out it will?

So now when I want something to happen I decide on a few key points of what I want to happen and then let things unfold, trusting the universe to deliver. The first thing I need to focus on is letting go of my fears and blockages and then allowing myself to trust and believe in a positive outcome. This technique has brought some amazing and magical things into my life and I now have more than enough proof to know that this is indeed a powerful way to live.

One of the biggest parts of this process is appreciation, knowing that I cannot attract more happiness and success into my life if I cannot appreciate and be happy with what I already have and already am. Only then can I attract more and be fulfilled by its presence in my life.

I hope through this blog and my writing, you find little nuggets of gold that also help you to find and appreciate the beauty and wonder in all the blessings surrounding us every day.

Love and Joy,

Janie xo

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