About Janie

Hi there and welcome to my Blog,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Janie, an 81 vintage (Getting better with age ;) ). I am absolutely fascinated by the human mind and psychology of any kind and how it all fits together. I’m spiritual but not religious, I’m passionate yet indifferent, I’m conservative yet slightly eccentric, I’m mature yet still growing up, I’m a mother yet don’t have any kids of my own, I’m a friend, a sister, a daughter and as real as they come. I believe with all my heart that we are the creators of our own reality and in every situation there is always a silver lining to be found.

My personal quest is to become the best version of myself by never ceasing to learn and being open to new ideas, possibilities and experiences. I am an aspiring author and writer whose dream is to write whilst travelling the world exploing it in all its glory with my family and friends.

I have set up this blog as a place to share my short stories, thoughts and feelings about different subjects of interest which I will endeavour to keep light hearted and positive. In saying this, I may talk about some controversial topics from time to time, but I trust that you will take this site at face value and make up your own mind on how you feel and act within your own day to day life. My mission is not to convert the minds of people but to expand their thinking and to see new possibilities and hope for the future.

Please join me from time to time to share my journey and I hope to share in some of yours too… I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on any of the subjects I choose to write about.

Let’s enjoy the adventure that is life and support each other along the way!

Love to you all,


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