Rose Coloured Glasses (Project Pura Vida)

There is always something magical about going on holidays to an exotic new destination. Everything is seen through a different kind of lens, rose coloured glasses if you like. Our filters aren’t quite as sharp due to the natural euphoria that comes with the excitement of the unknown and the wondrous possibilities that may lie in wait for our discovery. It’s almost like the start of a new relationship; you are only seeing what the other person wants you to see on the surface. It’s not until you spend some quality time together that you start to see the different shades of light and dark behind the superficial exterior. After all isn’t it human nature to protect thy self?

After arriving at the San Jose International Airport at about 19:00 on Friday night (27th April 2012), I was met by my shuttle bus driver Alex. I had found a little B&B in the city on a site called prior to my last trip but didn’t end up staying that time. So this time I decided to stay my first night at Kaps Place in Down Town San Jose. Karla the owner organised my transfer from the airport and I was sent the lovely Alex who fortunately didn’t speak any English. I say fortunately because all I really wanted to do was look out the window and witness Down Town San Jose on a Friday night without interruption.

I certainly wasn’t disappointed; the $30us for the trip was not just a taxi ride it was also like going on a night tour of the city. There were all sorts on the streets of Down Town San Jose; there was your typical little old Grandpa, Mum & Dad and the kids, young well-dressed party goers and lovers, drug addicts and dealers, transsexual prostitutes and so much more I saw it all. The landscape of the city changed from ghetto to upmarket to ghetto to commercial to ghetto again. I was fascinated by what I was seeing from the safety of my taxi, although there were a few times I wondered if I was really that safe.

I was so excited to finally be in Costa Rica, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to sleep. When I arrived at Kaps Place I was met by a lovely young girl Mae who showed me to my room. I was in awe of the cool interior of the B&B and my room was really clean and comfortable with my own bathroom. I did manage to sleep and the following day I was up bright and early to inspect the facilities closer. Francis a jovial man in his 50’s, was on the morning shift so over a cup of coffee we made friends as I waited for my taxi to the Tobias Airport.

My flight to Tambor with NatureAir, (Costa Rica’s internal airline) was delayed by a little over an hour so it was a long wait at the airport. This was an especially long wait seeing as I was over cautious with getting there on time. Not quite knowing what to expect and I was about three hours early. Again I was served by a really patient and helpful young Tico called Brandon who went above and beyond to help me organise my luggage so it didn’t cost me too much. The Tobias airport is only small however very clean and safe. It even has its own little bank however they have forgotten about hungry travellers and there wasn’t any food or drink for sale within walking distance. (I highly recommend NatureAir, they are very professional and safe)

It wasn’t long before other passengers for the flight started to roll in and finally I was on my way to Tambor, joined by several Americans. I found it interesting that I could spend nearly three hours sitting in a small waiting room with these people and yet I never once felt the need or desire to engage any of them in conversation. Even once we were on the small but comfortable aircraft I felt no pull to communicate, for all they knew I could be German. I did however thoroughly enjoy eves dropping and people watching as always. It was not really until everyone disembarked at the Nosara airport (tin shed) that we all exchanged more civilities as is custom otherwise all communication on my part had been through smiles and facial expressions. Everyone who embarked the plane with me in San Jose were all heading for Yoga Retreats which are very common here.

More people embarked the plane at Nosara on their way back to San Jose via Tambor. There was an American family of four with a very friendly and talkative Father who I also choose to only smile at after the initial polite exchanges. There was also a mother and daughter from Costa Rica and two girls from the original group stayed on the flight with me. While we were waiting for the other passengers to board we exchanged a few details about ourselves and our reasons for our trip. These girls were Yoga Instructors and staying for a month at a retreat near Montezuma. It didn’t take long for us to all turn back to our own occupations before disembarking at the Tambor airport (tin shed) where we said our mannerly goodbyes.

I always find it interesting how you can meet some people and you feel no energetic connection to them what so ever and then there are others you just can’t override the need to connect with them. Since arriving here, I have seen those same two girls on a few occasions in Montezuma. Despite both of them seeming very nice each time I have seen them I have had that crazy little conversation with myself… “Should I go and say hi?” “No, you didn’t want to talk to them on the plane so why now?” “Yeah, but I’m being rude aren’t I?” “Nope, you don’t feel the pull any more now than you did then so just leave it, it doesn’t make you a bad person” and so I’ve left it deciding something’s are just best left alone.

Until next time Love and Joy,

Janie xo

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