Pura Vida Project – A date with Jesus!

It’s early Saturday evening and I have just settled in on my comfy downstairs hammock for some more writing. The light next door switches on and disperses the dark, and then I hear Matias jumping around the yard pretending to be some kind of ninja. It’s the first I’ve really seen or heard of my neighbours all day. It’s been a really great day actually, despite being a “Mucho Caliente Dias” I have really accomplished a lot of work considering I wasn’t going to work on weekends.

All the way to Costa Rica I kept telling myself that I was addicted to writing over and over and now it seems my thoughts have become my beliefs and my beliefs my actions. It’s a little bit like living in a fantasy world, my mind and imagination are running rampant on me and my surroundings are just so incredibly beautiful you fully expect to find fairies in the garden. I simply love the fireflies here; they are like little night fairies letting you know that the world is still a good place. I can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy when I see them. During the day the amazing tropical butterflies are the fairies of the gardens. Magic is simply all around me at the moment. I suspect this is mostly because that is what I choose to see around me. Others might see dirt, poverty, overgrown gardens and rubbish and of course they would be right but if you look just a little closer you can see and feel the magic that is Pura Vida!

Yesterday was also a really productive day and by the time the afternoon started coming to a close I was itching to do something, anything. The boys had been talking about doing a bonfire on the beach for days now and every day they have deferred until tomorrow night (This is when I don’t like Tico time so much) Anyway, after I got home from the Panaderia I made a stir fry for dinner and waited to see what was happening. It felt like all of Cabuya was just sitting around waiting to see what the night would bring but no one was really doing anything.

Jeff’s younger brother came by to see if we were up for the Bonfire on the beach, all agreed and then they all left again without telling me anything. About half an hour later after waiting uncertainly they returned with a whole new plan. There was no bonfire and Jeff had decided to stay home after a big day of work while his little brother took me to the local bar for a few drinks.

Jeff’s little brother is twenty five years old, he lives in the half built house behind me where I can look directly into from my balcony at night. He is young and passionate and very interesting to talk to despite his limited English and my limited Spanish. He is tall, dark and rather good looking with thick curly black hair and dark playful eyes. He is very lean with strong arms and an impressive six pack.

He teaches Brazilian Jujitsu and is confidently charismatic and very funny. Truth be told I was kind of pleased to be able to spend some time getting to know this young guy without Jeff to translate. It certainly forced me out of my comfort zone and I found that I knew more Spanish than I thought and after a few more drinks I had the confidence to speak more as well. We walked to the local bar which is about a kilometre from my cabin.

When we entered it was like walking into a western movie, no music or ambience to greet us, just eight rather interesting looking locals. I was suddenly very pleased to be with this very fit and strong young man to protect me. However failing that Haddy had decided she needed to tag along to keep an eye on proceedings just to be sure.

Actually the bar was pretty cool, because despite its lack of appeal during the day, by night its simplicity and the dim lighting with the old funky furniture really worked well together giving it a different kind of style. Although I highly suspect that the really cool tables and chairs are not there because they hand picked them out to be trendy. I’d say they have simply been there since the pub opened in the 60’s and 70’s like most things around here. Still very cool though. Somehow we managed to communicate enough with only a few awkward silences which were made easier by two local guys who couldn’t wait to talk to me.

They both pulled up a chair at our table which didn’t have a light above it. There was enough light however for me to see that both of my new amigo’s had long messy hair, missing or rotting teeth and funny eyes with a free spirit kind of energy about them. Both seemed harmless, my friend gave me a look of confirmation as he introduced them to me; I have no idea what they said their names were though. I’m not sure if they were just really drunk or they normally spoke the way they did but their Spanish was terrible and they spat as they tried to talk to me.

Funny how two very different people could be so much alike? The main difference being that the younger hippie of the two knew some English and knew about Australia. He took great delight in telling me all about our animals and cities; it was actually fun talking with them both. They had good hearts despite their dishevelled outward appearances; still I don’t think I will be inviting them round for supper.

After three beers, we decided to head back to my cabin for a few more drinks there before calling it an early night. It was a still and balmy night and so I decided to have drinks s on my balcony upstairs. I had the fan all set up already and it’s a nice place at night time, I was also enjoying my new friend’s conversation and to be honest I was happy not to be interrupted. There were still some guys next door drinking but I decided not to invite them even though it may have seemed rude.

There had been a few times throughout the night where I got to watch his biceps flexing and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tiny bit impressed. So when he got up to show me some of his self-defence moves I have to say I was even more impressed when I felt the strength in his arms wrapped around me. My mind did go a little foggy as my imagination unleashed a torrent of inappropriate images of what strong arms like that could… Let’s face it, this guy is good looking in his own unique and youthful way. So I relax and enjoy the attention besides he was nothing but a gentleman and we had a fun night of beers, stories, laughter, self-defence and even sexy salsa dancing in the dark on my porch.

When it was time to say good night I knew exactly what I was going to do after all why spoil a good fantasy by complicating it and turning it into reality. “Buenos Noches, Jesus and I’ll see you tomorrow”. That’s right my next door neighbour is Jesus, who would have thought. When we were first introduced I thought they were joking but that is really his name. I think it’s kind of cool actually to be able to say I live next door to Jesus. I was asleep in no time, what a randomly good evening!

Love and Joy to you all until next time,

Janie xo

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