Turning dreams into reality…


Imagine waking up every morning with nowhere to be and nothing to do but follow your own passion… No watch, no mobile phone and no internet if you so choose. Surrounded by nature at its best, beautiful beaches and rolling surf, tropical rainforests, native animals and friendly locals to welcome you with a smile each day…

In only a weeks’ time this is going to be my reality. I have been dreaming and manifesting this trip for as long as I can remember and finally it has arrived. I am so excited to be not only embarking upon this journey of self-discovery and research to following my bliss but to also be sharing this journey with you.

I saw a great saying the other day which really rang true for me…

“I used to be that girl who worried about people saying ‘Who does she think she is?’ now I am the girl who stands up and says ‘this is who I am!’ How true this is to my life.

As I have said in previous blogs, I have no idea who or what awaits me in Costa Rica. What I do know is that it is going to be amazing, that I only ever meet the nicest people with lots of love and joy in their heart and I always have the best time where ever I am.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a holiday. This is going to be a lot of hard work as I have four projects I am working on and I have set my sights high in achieving my goals. But I can’t think of a better place to be working that hard, doing something I love and am so passionate about.

Please join me in this journey and I promise to weave a little magic in your world if your mind and imagination are only open to receiving it :)

Once I have established myself in first couple of days I will commence my projects and will tell you all about my vision for this journey. Very exciting and fun time’s ahead ladies and gentlemen…

I hope you enjoy the stories, adventures and new found knowledge as much as I do creating them.

May love and joy be with you always!

Love Janie xo

Are you happy?

If the situation you find yourself in isn’t quite what you want but you need to be there for the moment, change your mind set to a more positive attitude as if you had chosen this for yourself. This shift in attitude will not only do wonders for your day to day happiness but will also assist in healing the past and creating a happier future for you and your family.

You deserve to be happy, but only you have the power to make that happen. You can’t control the behaviour of others but you can control the way their behaviour makes you feel. It is just as easy to find a positive thought as it is to find a negative thought so choose the path that brings you joy instead of sadness.

Feeling sad and sorry for yourself is only keeping your further and further from what you truly deserve in life. Everything you seek in others already resides within yourself… You just need to believe it before you see it.

If you want to start something special in your life watch this video… Very powerful stuff!!! http://bit.ly/HaBoc6

Lots of love to you all xoxo