The Experiment

I am not a religious person however I am spiritual in my own unique way.  I believe in the power of positive thought and like attracts like. I believe that what you put out into the world you get back and what you focus on most you attract. So I finally realised that when I focused on my fears I only ever seemed to manifest them into reality and yet when I focused on the things that I wanted in my life I attracted those too. With all of this in mind, I set myself a mission that I was no longer going to let my fears rule my life or decisions and that I would only focus on what I wanted.

Every time I thought a negative fear based thought I would automatically focus on the opposite of that fear and almost say a little chant to myself about the positive outcome I desired.  It was also a kind of experiment. Could I actually get everything I wanted and needed simply by focusing on them enough to bring them into my path? If I just trusted wholeheartedly that everything is going work out and that if I believe I will receive?

So with my new attitude I set about planning my trip, I decided on a few key points of what I wanted to happen and then let things unfold. The first thing I needed to focus on was having more than enough money to take a five week holiday. This was particularly hard to stay positive about as I didn’t have any at the time. Unperturbed I continued to focus on having money and less on not having any. Over the coming months and with some hard work and sacrifices along the way my bank balance soon grew healthy again. I then decided on a few key things that I would like to achieve on my holiday i.e. like whom I wanted to visit and what I would like to experience.

The first person I wanted to visit was my very dear friend Angus in New Zealand. Angus had been my house mate in early 2010 when he received some devastating news. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of three golf balls and had flown home for the lifesaving operations. After two operations and months of intensive rehabilitation Angus was now back working and creating a new life for himself. He had been bugging me for months to come over and I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to visit him and his family.

I wanted to try and surprise Angus so I contacted his mum Linda to confirm the dates I had in mind. The timing was perfect as she advised that the day I planned to arrive was in fact her first day of school holidays. Excellent, I was thrilled that I was finally going to get to see Angus again. I gave Linda the details of my arrival and departure and then I left the rest of the details up to her. I knew that whatever we did, it would be wonderful.

Until next time,

Janie xo

The Adventure Begins

Everyone experiences life changing moments in their life that force them to stop and re-evaluate where they’ve been, where they are at and more importantly where they are going. A few months before my overseas adventure, I had a multitude of these kinds of moments all happen simultaneously. At the time I was feeling quite anxious and to be honest quite lost however looking back now I can appreciate that all of the events that took place ultimately led me to have the experience of a life time.

We all enter this world with only two natural fears, a fear of falling and a fear of loud noises. These are obviously there to protect us from pain or danger and throughout our lives we continue to learn and develop all kinds of fears for the exact same reasons. Some fears we inherit from our parents, our family or our friends. We can’t forget the media and modern technology, they are generating fear like nothing else and then of course we have our own personal experiences.

Everyone has a particular year in their life where they really came into their own and finally found an inner peace with their past and everything just kind of fell into place. For a lot of people this year usually coincides with a fairly significant birthday such as their 30th or 40th. Everyone’s journey is different however I have discovered that thirty is my year for transformations.

I talk about all of this because I feel that it is important to understand that this blog is not just about the tourist attractions. This blog is about my personal quest to better understand not only myself but the world around me. In order for me to truly tell my story of my travels, it’s important that you understand the journey that led me there in the first place.

I have always been a deep thinker and my mind is in constant overdrive so I have always struggled to keep things simple in my life. Despite this I have always strived to simplify my approach to life and illiminate as much drama as possible.  As it turns out, this is the year that all of my hard work and self-development seems to have finally come together and paid off. In the months leading up to my trip, I took the time to really have a good hard honest look at who I was, who I wanted to be, where I was and where I wanted to go.  One thing was for sure, I was determined not to live in the shadow of my fears, real or otherwise any longer.

Until next time,

Janie xo

I’m back!

Wow! I blinked and five weeks seemed to whiz by me at an incredible rate. I know, I know… I said that  I would take you on my journey as it happened and I’m sorry that I couldn’t fullfil this obligation however in my defence it wasn’t as easy as I thought. I’m not that old and admittedly it’s been a little while since I last went travelling for such a long period of time however I was quite amazed at how times have changed since I last travelled without my own computer. It turns out that in this day and age an “Internet Café” is where you can get free Wi-Fi and coffee. Gone are the days where every second street corner adorned a little shop filled with Computers and bedraggled backpackers eagerly sharing their antics with family and friends as they munched on Pringles and slurped on cans of Coke and bottled water.

I also discovered that when I had access to internet I didn’t have time and when I had time I didn’t have access. And, if I am to be completely honest I was having far too much fun being present in the moment and soaking in every millisecond of my journey that it hardly occurred to me to communicate with anyone other than those in my presence. I did however manage to take oodles of notes along the way and now that I am back and have had time to fully digest my journey I am excited about reliving these adventures with you.

Over the coming weeks I will take you on a journey of wonder, laughter, joy, tears, sadness, exhilaration and so much more. One thing I will say here is that these past five weeks have been by far some of the best in my life to date. I spent weeks meticulously planning my trip as far as flights, accommodation and budget but nothing could prepare me for the wondrous endeavour it would become. This was a full mind, body & spirit experience for me and I hope through my stories and words you may also share in the magic I bathed in day after day.

This is just a short note today to say hi and let you know that I haven’t forgotten you. I have finally started penning my trip for your reading enjoyment however, please be patient with me as I have a lot to say and there is quite a few weeks’ worth to catch up on.

Until next time…

Janie xo